Space Buck's Butt Space is closed

If you can read this, congratulations! This webpage is being served from inside my butt! Be sure to sign the guestbook so everyone knows you were a part of history. —the original greeting on this page

Once upon a time, I put a Wi-Fi battery into a vibrator. And I ran a server off that battery, with a guestbook. was susceptible to HTML injection. This might be the first web server run inside a butt, and it's almost certainly the first Rickroll performed inside a butt.

Wait, what is going on?

Hi, I'm Space Buck! I designed a gizmo called the double-oh battery. It's like a double-A battery, but with WiFi and more dangerous things inside. Then (1) I ran a web server on the double-oh battery, (2) the double-oh battery wnt inside a vibrating sex toy, (3) the vibrating sex toy went entirely in my butt.

Further questions can be directed to me on twitter or gmail; I'm heyspacebuck on both.

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